Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)

Power Of Compounding

Rupee Cost Averaging

Disciplined Investing

As low As 500 Per Month

Market Timing Irrelevance

Reap Benefits Of Starting Early

Reach Financial Goals Painlessly

Best Investment Style For Long Period

Diversification Of Portfolio &
Tax Effecient Return

Professional Management & Well

Investing With Us

  • Online access of Portfolio
  • Personalised Services through dedicated relationship Managers
  • One-stop-shop solution for investment and broking
The clientage is more than 1,50,000+ client

Achieving one’s goal becomes easier if investments are made for a longer term. Let’s see, what will be the value of 5000 invested per month over the years:

Yrs Total Investment Done Annualised Rate of Return*
8% 10% 15%
10 6,00,000 9,14,730 10,24,225 13,76,085
15 9,00,000 17,30,191 20,72,352 33,42,534
20 12,00,000 29,45,102 37,96,844 74,86,197
25 15,00,000 47,55,132 66,34,167 1,62,17,648
30 18,00,000 74,51,797 1,13,02,440 3,46,16,398
* The above example is for illustration purpose only. These rates are taken on assumption basis.
Mr. Mukesh Kacker

What I liked most about my experience was that their Financial Advisors were professionally qualified, trained, experienced and listened to what I wanted and then developed a personalized investment plan based on my unique financial goals.

I am very much satisfied the way they have designed an investment portfolio for me considering all relevant factors i.e. my risk appétit and cash flow. I am sure that my financial goals will be achieved comfortably.

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