Discount Broking


When we discuss about the best trading platforms in India, MVT is one name that has managed to create a unique stand in the market. Whether you need help in making great investment decisions, or you require a convenient way to transact your buy/sell orders, MVT is one-stop destination for you. We provide our clients with tailored brokerage trading facilities across a broad spectrum of segments including equity, currency, derivatives, and commodity.

Even though there are some traditional and full-service brokers available in the market, there are certain services we offer which makes us stand apart from the crowd. We are going to draw three major comparisons to make sure that you take the right decision considering what is important for you before deciding on the stock brokers. Some of the major points to count on are :

• MVT's services are cheaper than full-service brokers- The main difference between the discount brokers and full-service brokers is the commission rates they charge. A full-service broker could charge you brokerage as a percentage of your trade value, while MVT charges you much cheaper.
• MVT's discount brokers offer you unbiased services unlike full-service brokers – The kind of personal advices a number of full-service brokers offer may have some vested interest in selling you some particular stock. We, at MVT, offer in-person advisory services which are very much straightforward. We also offer you free research and educational tools so that you can make better investing decisions.
• MVT provides easy access to information- With some of the best trading technologies; MVT offers all the needful information on their website. All the information can be derived online and no tedious efforts have to be put in by the trader.

Weighing the costs versus the benefits, discount brokers lead. While comparing the discount brokers in India, MVT is the name you can bank upon. We include no hidden charges and like to offer transparent services to all the customers.